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Outlook AEX this week [18/6 - 22/6]

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  1. Xtrader1 17 juni 2018 14:43
    HTF we just had quad expiry last friday.

    It is not unusual to see a shift in direction afterwards.

    Fundamentally we have FED hiking rates and ECB tapering QE (both bearish stocks / indices)

    Politically we have troublesome circumstances in the EU-periphery (Italy, Spain, Brexit)

    Seasonally we see AEX weakening in (the 2nd part of) June.

    Looking to sell the AEX at the (previous weeks/month) highs.

  2. Xtrader1 20 juni 2018 16:58
    AEX Update:

    Price gapped up on open, into the resistance zone.

    Then reversed down to close the opening gap.

    Then dropped lower after NY-Open.

    Looking for the downmove to continue.

    Analysis is reinforced when monthly-open level @ 554.15 is broken down.

  3. Xtrader1 21 juni 2018 12:14
    AEX Update:

    Downmove continued today as predicted.

    Price gapped down after opening and breached the monthly-open level @ 554.15.

    Looking for 550 and then 547.50 as next downside targets.

    Watching dollar-index for a reversal down around the 95.35 level.

    That could be the trigger for a retrace up in the AEX.

  4. Xtrader1 22 juni 2018 01:08
    Update AEX:

    Prediction for Friday:

    AEX closed lower 5 days in a row.

    Price broke the monthly and hit support, also weekly exp.

    Time for profit taking and scale back risk f/t weekend.

    Look for retrace (gap) up, then up to 555.25 and maybe 558.00

  5. Xtrader1 22 juni 2018 09:14
    Update AEX - Fridaymorning:

    We opened gap up as expected.

    Price broke the monthly upwards.

    First target 555.25 almost hit.

    Looking for more upside while gap remains open for a later moment.

    Probably monday.

    Upside targets remain the same: 555.25 & 558.00

  6. Xtrader1 22 juni 2018 14:28
    Update AEX - prior to NY-session:

    One more prediction for the week.

    Looking for AEX to run the highs (559 / 560) before NY-open session.

    Then on NY-open expect the SP500 to move lower, dragging AEX down with it.

    Back to the middle of today's range.

  7. Xtrader1 23 juni 2018 13:33
    AEX Update - recap NY-session:

    Upside target (560) hit before open of NY-session.

    SP500 did move lower after NY-session open as predicted.

    AEX retraced in line with SP500, but not as much as anticipated.

    Looking for the downturn to continue on Monday.

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13 Posts
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